Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jarrett is TWO!

There is an unstoppable force in this world. Hurricanes? Maybe. Fire? Perhaps. But what I speak of is the phenomenon known as the two-year-old. Come to think of it, two-year-old boys. This little charmer is Jarrett, a shining example of the afore-mentioned two-year-old boys. His Daddy saw my Asher's two-year photos and wanted to do something similar for his little guy, who is about to also join the Big Brother's Club! Jarrett's very-pregnant (and surprisingly non-hormonal) Mommy and Daddy chased this little fireball around downtown Burleson with me, and I have to say, I had a BLAST! They are SUCH a fun family, and I can't brag enough both on how wonderfully Jarrett did and how Ashley DIDN'T complain about walking... in Texas... in May... while pregnant. We had some great moments, like when I squatted to take the first photo and fell over, on Ashley - the pregnant lady. And oh how we laughed when JP was performing acrobatics to make Jarrett smile and ripped his shorts open - in the back. We laughed, we fell, we were rained on, we trespassed... In all it was the most fun I've ever had in a session! Jarrett is such a neat - and adorable - little cutie who had incredible energy and a great big personality. I know he and Asher are going to become great buddies, and once his little sister gets here in a few weeks, Jarrett is going to be an awesome big brother!!!

Oh, so hip. Such a hip little hipster.

We made a friend along the way!

I don't know if this look is sneaky or Magnum...

OhMUHgosh, OhMUHgosh, OhMUHgosh I love it! Favorite!

Flexing those muscles!

The boy loves him some motorcycles.



Album cover. He's so intensely emo.

A little James Dean, no?


You guessed it: FAVORITE!!! I love little boys!!

The sophomore follow-up to his first album cover.

Makes you want to enlist, doesn't it?

Too cute for words! Favorite!

ABSOLUTE favorite! I love it so much! The bribe just makes it all the more perfect!

The screen is thick with emo.


Hahaha! Love his personality!

SUCH a cutie! Favorite!

Ashley, JP, and especially Jarrett, thank you guys so much again! You were all such a gas (I just wanted to say something was a gas today. Check!)! Your little growing family is so beautiful and wonderful and fun - I can't stress that enough. You guys gave me a fantastic session and WAY too many photos, as you can see by the thousands (I like to exaggerate) of sneak peeks. Your session is officially the most photos I've ended up editing, ever. Your head is going to explode from the overwhelming awesomeness. You rock my face off, and I can't wait to meet that baby girl once she gets here!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mills Family

Has anyone else noticed how it's only been raining on the weekends? You'd think rain would be the biggest obstacle we'd have to overcome when it came time for the Mills family to have their session. Oh no. Rewind back to the beginning of May, the one weekend that it didn't rain, the DAY BEFORE our session, Leesa and baby Kyndle were in a car accident! Luckily, everyone was fine and just needed some rest. After everyone recuperated, we were gearing up to tear it up in an awesome session, when the heavens opened and the unthinkable happened: it rained! Determined to get these photos, we proceeded anyway, thumbing our nose (what does that even mean?) at Mother Nature and having what turned out to be an INCREDIBLE session completely inside! I love learning new things, and this was a definite opportunity to play around with lighting techniques. Leesa and Shannon are such great parents who are obviously just enamored with their baby girl! As you'll soon see, this was my favorite session to date, as evidenced by the BILLIONS of sneak peeks below! Okay, maybe not billions. But once you start looking, you'll see why I have SO many favorites - and many of these images are SOOC!!! Leesa expertly coordinated everyone, and being the Mommy of two boys, I'm a sucker for bows! Kyndle is just now 6 months, and she had to be the happiest baby I've ever photographed. Plus, her eyes are SO DREAMY. I got a little gluttonous with photographs...

This is my new favorite shot ever. EVER. See what I mean about those eyes?

Adorable sign "established 2001". Happy 8 years!

Doesn't Leesa have a killer smile?

Ooh! Ooh! Flowers!!!!!

An almost ridiculously big and bejeweled flower headband... Leesa knows the way to my heart.

These next several photographs are all favorites. We shot them in about 30 seconds, and they just convey so perfectly what a happy baby Kyndle is! I'll be honest, they make my uterus skip a beat...

PRESH, no???


Kyndle and her big brother, Trey. They have the same birthday!

Leesa was DETERMINED to get some shots outside, so she just grabbed an umbrella and stood in the rain! LOVES it!
There, I made it without making one reference to Rihanna...

Okay all you Office fans, you've been thinking it the whole time, so I'm just going to say it: Is Shannon not a dead-ringer for David Wallace???


So ferocious. So fierce.

So fun! (Shannon called her bow "seaweed"! Hahahaha!)

Yes, this is the same image as the first, just in black and white. But I love it so I don't care.

Mills family, you were so wonderful, so patient, so determined to make a great session happen - and it paid off! I have never enjoyed editing a session as much as this one. In fact, I can't bring myself to toss most of the images! You'll end up with a two-disc set, I just feel it. This session pushed me outside of my box, and it ended up showing me new things that I love even more. Your family is a joy, and that baby girl of yours is beyond beautiful, above adorable... it's a bit late for all the alliteration, but she was far more than fantastic! Thank you again so much, and I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!