Friday, July 31, 2009

Brittany and Brandon - The Wedding!

Okay, okay, I've got a problem. I'm aware of it, at least. I post way too many photos. I know. But I'm sure that since Brittany is all moved off and in a strange new land, she won't mind. And I KNOW you don't mind, so let's just forgive me my photo gluttony and enjoy, shall we?
So as you've been ogling for the past week-and-a-half, Brittany and Brandon are adorable. We've established this. As you can imagine, I was super excited to be there on their wedding day and capture the memories for them! Already I'd grown to love them to pieces, but then at the rehearsal dinner, when Brittany introduced me to everyone, Brandon's mom (who I KNOW is already reading this! Hi, Lisa!) ran right up to me and gave me a giant hug! I am SOLD on this entire family! Definitely my kind of peeps. Did I mention that before I was even off the elevator Brandon greeted me with a hug? Yeah, anyone who says hello with a hug is tops in my book. Now, as I've also mentioned before, Brittany planned this whole shindig while Brandon was stationed in California. But let me say NOTHING about their wedding felt like it had been planned in such a whirlwind. All of the people there surrounded them with love and support... and a whole lotta dancing! And at the end of the night, Brandon was concerned about ME having a good time! Like I said, my kinda peeps. Since this blog is going to create the tiniest little scroll-down bar EVER, I'll stop typing and let your eyes start popping!

Ready to get married?!

Mr. and Mrs. Latham just after the ceremony! They look a LITTLE happy...

Britt and her dad... sigh...

This image has me in denial that someday my own boys will be taller than me... and looking at me that way... on their wedding days... oh, there I go....

Is anyone else reminded of AT&T commercials?

One for the parents!

And some more for... well, just for them!

Let's get the party started!

Beautiful view from party central.

Going over speeches...

The father/daughter dance ALWAYS makes me tear up. At least I wasn't alone!

I love it so much that the throw-away bouquet ended up in a Gone With the Wind purse! How romantic!

Boogie Boys.

This jacket got left behind for all of the fun!

The bride's (fabulous) shoes missed all of the booty-shakin', too!

The day may have been Brittany and Brandon's, but the dance floor belonged to her grandfather! Dude didn't stop boogyin' for a SECOND!

I'm telling you, those tiny Torres' can SHAKE IT.

And... she's spent.

Brittany! Brandon! Congratulations you two! I had so much fun getting to know you in our flurry of photo sessions. I am so happy that you guys are together at last. I'm bummed that you've moved to California (RIGHT after the wedding!), but I know you guys are going to make each other so happy... and enjoy the weather that you're paying so much for, haha! You two are so beautiful together, and I'm so honored you let me be there to witness your day, and count you two as friends!