Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Most Perfect 2-Year-Old Ever. Of All Time. Seriously.

Feast your eyes upon the most glorious gene pool you've ever been able to stare directly at without going completely blind. This little man is the perfect, PERFECT, most adorably handsome and sweet kid ever to have been conceived - until his little brother joined him and tied him for the title. Yes, this little blonde-haired, blue-eyed heartbreaker is my baby! He needed two-year pictures, and so he and I - and his brother - decided to take a break from parks and trek through old downtown Cedar Hill for an attempt at capturing a few good shots. You remember the Bluebonnet Fiasco, don't you? My kids don't cooperate for photos. The irony, it kills. Well, I was determined to not leave it up to Wal-Mart to capture the essence of my little guy, and so I held my breath - and my hopes - as the three of us walked around for an hour, again without the hubs with me for backup. As his Mommy, I'm sure I'm slightly biased, so I will just tell you that he has the sweetest, biggest heart I have ever known a human being to have, and also that he is quite possibly a genius whom I fully expect to skip at least one grade. Seriously. He also is the handsomest kid ever. And he's HILARIOUS. Okay, I'm done. I went back and forth in my mind about posting my favorites from his session, but when it comes down to it, A) they turned out great and I want to show off, and B) he's the cutest kid ever and this is my blog, so I'm just gonna do it. Enjoy the visual buffet that is my firstborn!!!

My favorite. Had the session melted from this point on, this one made it worth it.

How sweet is this face?

I had to sneak in a few photos with his brother. Yes, I'm that Mommy that dresses them alike. Sue me, or buy me two of the same shirt.

I call this "Emo Kid's Facebook Profile Pic".

This is just so.... him. He's so funny and quirky and full of the most beautiful energy! Plus, get a load of those lashes!

Okay, I've already cleared a wall to frame and hang this next series. There are no words!

Those dreamy eyes!

WHOA. And it's time for a break.

And we're baaaaaaack!

Check out those muscles!

A mini-series to demonstrate how quick I have to be to catch a 2-year-old smiling.

Oh, so hip. So hip it hurts.

Yes, I am aware that he is a dead-ringer for MacAuley Caulkin. No, no one is casting for Dennis the Menace 2.

I promise I just don't let my children play in the train tracks....

I have no clue what this is. It's just him being him.

So that's my baby boy! I don't know how I lucked out - twice! - but I did, and I appreciate and love it every day. He is honestly just the neatest kid, the neatest person, I have ever known. He is such a pleasure and a hoot, and I am so honored to be his Mommy! I could go on and on about how brilliant he is, the hilarious things he says, the make-your-eyes-well-up sweet things he does and says, how handsome he is, what percentiles he measures in at the doctor's office... but I won't. I'll just enjoy him while he's still two and thank God that I have the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing little guy and to document his life in such a fun way. Thank you for indulging me!!! Now go hug your babies!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Ironic

You know the stories of a mechanic who's wife's car never runs? Or the stylist who's husband just shaves his head? Well, I'm the photographer who's kids don't like to get their pictures taken! I took my boys out a few days ago to scout some more bluebonnet locations, and let's be honest, get some photos of them. I had a lot stacked against me: the aforementioned aversion to picture-taking, nap time, in-and-out of two car seats over and over, and I went without my husband, so I was on my own! I am a crippling perfectionist, so I handicapped myself by starting out with visions of perfectly smiling children looking straight at the camera, butterflies perching on shoulders and bluebirds swooping in for kisses. That is not what happened. We did end up finding a new great place, so I declared the day a success. Here are some of the photos we did get from the day, made better by the sheer perfection that is my boys!

Hmmm.... what's this?

Mmmm! Hahaha!

Cue dream sequence music.
"Imagine me and you, and you and me...."

And so, while I didn't get the shots I had hoped for, I got my boys being themselves! They are the most adorable children ever, no? You can't read, boys, but I love you!!!