Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Did I Mention....?

The official website is up and running! YAY! Take a few minutes and stop by... you'll probably see your own gorgeous mug on there!!!


Thank you all so much for you encouragement and support!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Gabi is Sweet 16!

This lovely lady is Gabi. She's a BLAST. She holds the distinct honor of cheering for my own alma mater, so you know she's awesome. She turned the big 1-6 last month, so her equally-awesome parents threw her a Super Sweet 16 party! Woooo! As part of the decor AND part of her gift, Gabi wanted a photo session, and so she got one! She is just bursting with personality and determination. I had SUCH a blast with her and her family during her session... enjoy!

Quite a few taken in her party dress...

L-O-V-E this one!

And THIS shot was inspired by my own bridal portrait, well over 5 years ago!

So sassy, you need two!

LOVE that personality! She was so fun!

I SUPER heart these next several images.

"Now look at your man, now look at me, now look at your man, now look at me..."

Gorgeous, isn't she?

Gabi, you were so much fun! You were so easy going and beautiful and willing! Thank you to everyone involved in the whole process. Hope the party was a smashing success - but after meeting you guys, I can't imagine it being anything BUT the party of the year!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Josh and Rebecca's Houston Wedding

I am aghast at myself. I have been so deeply buried in editing sessions and preparing to launch the website that I have completely neglected the blog! How selfish of me to keep all the fun to myself!
I already love my job. Always getting to meet new people, try new things, hear new stories, create new images, challenge myself... it's the absolute BEST. So already I'm glowing because I love what I do. But a few months back, I got a GINORMOUS compliment. I'm honored every single time someone chooses me to take their picture. Portraits, events, weddings - anything. I don't take my job lightly. I'm even more grateful when a client returns (sometimes again and again... Lindsey...). But I got one of the hugest and most humbling pats on the back when Rebecca asked lil' ole ME to come down to Houston and photograph her wedding. I am SO glad she did, because not only did I get to do what I love to do (and sing as loud as I wanted for four hours there, four hours back in the car by myself), I also had a BLAST. She and Josh were beyond hospitable, so gracious and thankful and sweet that I couldn't stop smiling and laughing and thanking them the whole time! So enjoy my trip to Houston:

Some detail of Becky's cathedral-length veil - it was AH-mazing.

There's that veil again!

L-O-V-E these shots. All of the ring shots, really.

You got shivers when you saw the sparkles, didn't you? It's okay, I did, too.

Momma sees her boy!!!

Their son is a LOOKER! Gorgeous little boy!

This wedding party was a BLAST! You know who you are...

I love this one so much, I emailed it to Becky the night I got home!

Awesomest Reception Entertainment Idea Yet Award: Josh and Becky, for bringing in a mariachi band to play during the dinner portion of the evening. I took, oh, I don't know... about 250 pictures of JUST them. It was SO much fun! Guests hooted and hollered and ay-yay-yayed and sang along and danced and jumped and stole their hats... it was HILARIOUS!

You can see how much FUN these guys made it!

In the midst of the fanfare, they still were able to share quiet moments together. Sigh...

There aren't words adequate enough for this photo. Mother-Son dance. A Mommy's emotions. I'm tearing up - AGAIN. I will love this photo forever.

Uh-oh, let it pop, ladies drop it like it's hot...

Hahaha... Go, Amy! I don't think anyone else stood a chance at catching that bouquet!

Such SERIOUS robots....

Josh's family was NUTS! They were SO much fun! Of course, once Selena came bumpin' out of those speakers, you know I didn't look much different than this photo!

Lower than yo momma's ever seen it in her lifetime, never would've imagined it, not even in her right mind. Practice in front of that mirror now you doin' it on the dance flo'....

GREAT face!

J'ne sais quoi.

Light show doing cool stuff with Becky's veil...

Oh my good gravy, Becky and Josh, I cannot thank you ENOUGH for bringing me down to be a part of your awesome party! You are such a beautiful family and so obviously in love that everyone there was in smiles the whole time! I am so happy for you and so proud to have been able to be there. Congratulations, and thank you... again.