Saturday, December 12, 2009

Risinger Family

It is one of the highest compliments I can ever get when I get a returning client! Not only is it flattering, but I get to see how the little ones I photograph grow. You remember Hunter from almost a year ago, toddling around, charming the mess out of me and my camera. Yeah, the cutie patootie with the GREAT faces! His awesomely-named Mommy, Jennifer, contacted me AGAIN and wanted some family photos this time, which I was MORE than excited about! This time I not only got to hang with Hunter, but also my new pal - and his big sis - Katie, in addition to the beyond easy-going and super cool Brad and Jen (how cute is THAT?!). They are such a fun, laid-back family and were a breeze to work with... despite the mouth-watering aroma of Babe's that was very heavily wafting towards us. Enjoy!

PRECIOUS! These look like Christmas cards to me...


Little boys are so easy to please...

LOVE it!

Risinger family, you guys are awesome! Thank you so much for trusting me AGAIN to capture your beautiful little family! You were so easy to work with and just FUN. Happy birthday to everyone and happy anniversary next month!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rebecca and Francisco/Paco/Luis - The Wedding!

Oh my good gravy, I had a blast at this wedding. First, I was assisted by the lovely and amazing Renea Shannon, so a million thanks must go out to her! Rebecca and Francisco (known as Paco to his friends and family) are just in love. While that usually helps loads for a wedding, the whole event was made even better by the style that they have, and the friends and family they surrounded themselves with. Paco had groomsmen coming from, literally, all over the world, and Rebecca had the MOST helpful bridesmaids I've ever witnessed. Two of them actually did all of the wedding planning themselves! It was very clear throughout the entire day how much friends and family - and the family you make out of your friends - mean to Becca and Paco. The day could have gone horribly wrong. The ceremony and reception were set to take place outside, at night, in November, under a tree and next to a pool... with only ONE outlet, to share with the DJ! But do you know that not ONE glitch presented itself, and what resulted was a completely unique and romantic ceremony, followed by one of the most FUN receptions I've ever been a part of. Again, those wonderful friends of Becca and Paco's kept the night going, dancing, laughing. And we all know how pulling out some old Selena can get me all giddy.

You know Becca's my kind of girl - it took TWO tiaras!!!

Oh how I drooled over these Badgley Mischka heels... it was a little unsettling.

SO true!

This dress would have rivaled Belle's!

Toasting with Cristal in the limo!

The tree where the ceremony was held under... GORGEOUS, no?

Okay, now I have to take pause and tell you about how hard I was laughing while taking photos of all the guys in the wedding party. As I'd mentioned before, Paco's groomsmen came from all over the world - some from Mexico, some from Brunei by way of Cairo, and one even raised in England! But these guys were, to put it mildly, HILARIOUS. Becca had warned me about them when we'd met a few months before the wedding. But nothing prepared me for the tears I had running down my face as I rolled with laughter the whole day! First of all, they were all so supportive of their friend. Second, they were just plain funny. But one of the most prominent memories I took away from the day was, every few minutes, the entire group would begin chanting "Luis! Luis! Luis!", calling out for Paco's alter ego. Oh, it was just so FUN!

This one wasn't intended as anything formal, they were just having so much fun with each other that I had to shoot it!

They all insisted on a "Mexican futball team" photo.

The chanting erupted here, too.

Money shot.

The gorgeous sunset over the ceremony site.


I always - ALWAYS - tear up during the father/daughter and mother/son dances, but there was so much emotion during Paco's dance with his mother that I actually had tears running down my cheeks.

The DJ was SO great!!! He definitely knew his crowd and how to work it... check him out here!

Don't stop, make it pop, DJ blowin' the speakers up...

I think this was the very moment where Luis showed up and partied for the rest of the night!!!

The bride's grandfather couldn't even keep himself off the dance floor!

Seriously, this reception was a BLAST. You KNOW it's a good party when the cops get called!!!

Becca and Paco - first of all, congratulations, but also, THANK YOU!!! I cannot tell you how much fun I had with you guys. Your little family is gorgeous and loving and oh-so-blessed. You are surrounded by amazing friends and family, and the OBVIOUS love you have for each other makes for quite a bright forever together. Thank you a million times over for letting me capture this day for you, and for inviting me to such a rockin' party!!! Congratulations!!!