Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tear-Jerking Maternity Session

Um, wow. This maternity session was so very special. I already love taking pictures, so it started out as a win, but it just keeps getting better. Lindsey, who lives in Houston, already has two boys of her own. She is one of those rare and enviable women who loves being pregnant - and looks GO-JUSS while expecting. So after much consideration and discussion with her husband, Lindsey decided to give another couple the best gift they could ever hope for: a family of their own. Lindsey is a surrogate mother! But wait, it gets better. Not only is Lindsey the best surrogate ever, not only is she beautiful and in disgustingly great shape, but she is carrying TWINS! That's right! This belly you're about to see is not only perfect, but there are TWO little boys in there! So when you see how Lindsey's almost six-months-pregnant body is better than mine is 7 months AFTER baby, remember that there are two perfectly healthy and growing babies in there. Don't hold it against her, she's just making a couple's dreams come true.
Lindsey wanted to get some photos of this growing belly for the little guys' parents, and MAN did we get some! It was a bit of a challenge taking photos without Lindsey's beautiful face, but I can honestly say I never tired of taking belly shots. A lot of my favorites, as you'll see, are in black and white. They turned out so beautifully, and I feel like I have to whisper when I look at some of them! I'm not going to lie, I teared up more than once while I was working on these. Get your Kleenex ready, and enjoy!

I told you, I love tattoos!

Okay, I kind of snuck a bit of her face in this one. But come on, if you were taking photos of Angelina Jolie's doppleganger, wouldn't it be an insult to the camera NOT to get that face in there?

I know.

One of my favorites!

How fun that she brought the same exact booties that Belinda had in her maternity session?!

Some explanation: Lindsey bakes and decorates the most incredible cupcakes! I cheated a little and got - gasp! - store-bought ones, but it was cute nonetheless.

How much did we luck out with the vapor trail in the background?

Don't you feel like you have to whisper?

Lindsey, you already know that what you're doing is amazing, but you deserve to hear it again: You're incredible! Plus, you look ridiculously gorgeous. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this life-changing experience that touches so many lives. I can't wait to share the birth with you, either, and meet these two little heartbreakers. Thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to have a hand in this! Beyond the fact that you're a surrogate, you were such a trooper and so easygoing. These are but a taste of the entire session, which has soooo many more (and lots more in color, ha!), so I hope these can hold you over!!! Hope you're feeling great, and I'll see you soon enough in Houston!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Amazing Grays

I know, I know. It's a corny title. I had to do SOMEthing like that. Shades of Gray? Grayt family? It's all cheesy, but this family really is amazing. Incredible. Awesome. There aren't enough adjectives! This family is honestly what I want my family to be when we grow up. Every one of them is ridiculously talented, hilarious, and loving. They all play instruments! They all sing! They all laugh at my jokes! They would probably give you the shirts off their backs if they weren't such small sizes.
I can't tell you how excited and honored I was to get to take their family portraits. We faced some time constraints with piano lessons, torrential rain the day before, an overcast sky, and sub-zero temperatures (it felt that way, at least), not to mention a case of Chandler smile (which was quickly overcome!). But it turned out wonderfully and we had a great time! This is only round one, so be sure and check back soon once we go out again (preferably with better weather, TEXAS, if you're listening)!!!

LOVE it! So much!

This happened a lot. It was too fun!

I honestly saved this one as "WOW". How incredible does she look?!

I LOVE this picture!!!!!

And I love THIS one! So great! Or should I say, grayt? No?

They need to make a CD so this can be their album cover.

How much does this look like a painted backdrop?

I love them!

Grays, you are my favorite family! I love you guys so much! I can't wait to go out AGAIN and see what hilarity ensues, and of course how wonderful your photos will turn out. Thank you SO much for being a part of my life and giving me the opportunity to be a part of yours. You guys are awesome (I really can't come up with enough adjectives!)!!! There. I made it through without one mention of the mustache...