Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jeff & Erika: The Wedding!

Jeff & Erika have got to win the award for most chill bride and groom. They were so laid back, so CALM... they just enjoyed their day and had a good time! The two of them are so OBVIOUSLY in love, I barely had to direct them when it came time for photos. They just gazed adoringly at one another and basked in the glory of being newlyweds. They were married in the gorgeous and historic White's Chapel and had their reception at Sneaky Pete's... and planned the whole thing from half a country away! Erika and Jeff live in Florida, so we never got to officially meet until the day of their wedding. This could have been scary, but I was thrilled to show up to a beautiful site, a beautiful couple, and awesome people surrounding them. I'm trying to make up for how behind I am on blogging, and Jeff & Erika gave me some extra time during the reception for photos, so enjoy a few more than usual!


Yes! It fits! Every bride breathes a sigh of relief...

What special day is complete without Super Glue?

Erika's great-grandmother's diamond. LOVE it.

Erika's father seeing her for the first time... I teared up when I was editing these.

L-O-V-E this photo.

Jeff's late father's cufflinks. I LOVE sentiment!

Oh, I'm dying over this photo. LOVE it. Just love it.

Sneaking glances during the ceremony.... we're on to you, lovebirds!

LOVE these!!!!

Check out the ethereal light during the first dance... sigh...

Grrrroooowwwl.... sorry, my stomach wanted to comment.

L-O-V-E love love LURVE these photos. WOW. Thanks, Jeff & Erika, for giving me some extra time with you guys!

These next few are 100% them. They're THAT in love.

We befriended the band. :)

Congratulations, Jeff & Erika! You two were so easy and fun to hang out with all day! The love you two have for each other is so beyond obvious, that I know everyone around you has to be just tickled silly for you! Hope the weather in Florida is treating you well... although I know it can't compare to Jamaica. :) Thank you so much for letting me be there to witness your special day and those intimate moments. It was amazing to be a part of!