Saturday, August 14, 2010

Timmy + Amber = Timber: The Wedding!

Whew! This is an ENORMOUS blog post that has taken almost the whole weekend to upload, but it was SOOOO worth it. I LOVE getting to re-live the special moments of the weddings I get to cover, and this wedding was NO exception. Amber and Timmy (Timmay! You know you were thinking it, too. I did it the whole day.) are IN LOVE. Scratch that. In LURVE. From the moment he arrived at the GORGEOUS Delaney Vineyards, Timmy was all excitement, no nerves. Amber couldn't wait to see her groom. They chose to do a First Look (I LOVE you, Amber and Timmy), which was so charged with emotion that I actually cried, too. They were surrounded by people they love and who love them (literally - this wedding was ginormous). Timmy even made a speech to his beautiful bride that again got everyone in tears. These two are crazy about each other. At the end of the awesomely fun night, the lovely Renea Shannon (whom I am indebted to for her incredible assisting) even commented on just how much in love the two of them are. The wedding was insanely beautiful, the dance floor was insanely poppin', and the two of them are insanely in love. Pretty much the formula for a perfect day.

Getting into this dress is a PRODUCTION!

Corset tops give GREAT photographs.

First Look. Did I mention I cried? I can't tell you how honored I am to get to be the only other person in the room when a bride and groom see each other for the first time. It is such a special moment that words really can't do justice. Plus, it always ensures more PICTURES!!!

Awesome group!

FAVORITE. I think everyone should get married at a vineyard, so that everyone can have a photo like this.

Quite the gentleman!

Timmy's ONLY request: A jumping picture!

Pretty much one of my favorite group shots ever.


How many bridesmaids does it take to bustle a dress?

Super fun idea: As the wedding party was introduced, they entered Soul Train-style! Awesome!

See how they look at each other?

Amber's mom, Sandra, was not only one of the most beautiful mothers-of-the-bride I've ever met, but also a dancing MACHINE!

"... think I'll slip on down to the OASIS, where I've got friends in LOW PLACES!!!"

Yeah, okay, there are a TON of dance photos. A) because Amber and Timmy came to PAR-TAY, B) because everyone else came to PAR-TAY, and C) because everyone PAR-TAYED so much, I took a ton, and literally had to choose every third one of my favorites. Enjoy... everyone else did!!!

Caught smoochin' on the dancefloor!!!

Look how HAPPY she was to get that bouquet! Too funny! But look out from behind!!!

They're married. And dance MACHINES!

Timmy with his sisters!

One of Amber's bridesmaids took over the DJ duties and rocked the house!

It's not a party until someone does the stanky leg!

"... and a little bit softer now..."

A little "Don't Stop Believin'" always gets the crowd going!

Amber and Timmy, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you so much for letting me into your love story and allowing me to be a part of this incredible day! You two are so obviously madly in love, and it was such a joy to witness. Your families, your friends... everything was just perfect!