Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mandy & Blaine - The Wedding!

I have had the BEST time with Mandy & Blaine. First, there were their engagements, which I loved. Then came Mandy's bridals, which were divine. But nothing could have prepared me for their AMAZING wedding. As a self-professed Fall-aholic, I adore all things leafy and warm-toned. And when you get a Fall-themed wedding into the hands of a fantastically talented florist, who ALSO happens to be the mother of the groom, magic happens. There was not an inch or corner to be found that wasn't adorned with stunning arrangements, clever pieces, gorgeous color, warm accents... it was amazing. I couldn't stop staring. There wasn't room enough in this blog to show you every single detail, but I'll try. Lovely as they were, the decorations most certainly were not the focus of attention that day - it was Mandy and Blaine, so in love, so happy! The two of them are so easy going, loving, carefree and happy and sweet... just awesome people that you definitely don't mind spending time with. They were surrounded by a hilarious group of people, and we just had an awesome day together! As I was taking their picture, I commented that I was sad to see them go, I'd had so much fun getting to know them and spend time with them over the course of the wedding planning.
Since Mandy is not on Facebook, and there is so much family so far away, I'm making this post extra giant. Their wedding really was such a blast - awesome music, tons of Southern touches, like a barbeque dinner in a barn, cowboy boots galore, and an outdoor barn dance-style reception with a live band! FABULOUS wedding!

Can you guess why I love this photo?

I love that you can see their socks stuffed in there!

Yeah, I know.

A favorite ever.

The weather was NOT being kind. The skies kept getting darker and the wind kept getting stronger... and the outdoor ceremony just looked to beautiful to move indoors!

Love it.

One of my absolute most favorite parts of getting the privilege of shooting someone's wedding is the chance to do a First Look. It's not for everyone, so I totally get it if you're wanting to stick with tradition. But being able to be so close when the two of them see each other for the first time... I tear up EVERY time I get to see it. There's something so special about being able to see each other ALONE, up close, without two hundred people in between you, watching you. You get to laugh, cry, pray, calm each other, TALK... and of course take more pictures! The light is better, you get more time to get MORE shots, there isn't a mob waiting to drag you off to the reception, there's more time for family photos AFTER the ceremony (meaning less stress), and it's a special moment between you two that is so worth bucking tradition a bit. If a First Look isn't something you want to try, then I HIGHLY suggest doing a Day After session in the week or so following the ceremony. Again, you get so many more shots of the two of you, much better light, and no mob and nerves! And with either choice, you haven't cried your makeup off before pictures!
Mandy and Blaine's First Look was no exception to my crying habit.

This one is all them - totally happened naturally!


The Facebook fans have seen this image before, and it STILL gets to me... I LURVE it. It's the first time an image has ended up on the website before it was in the hands of the client.

SUCH a fun group!

It started drizzling a bit... but stopped literally JUST in time for the ceremony!

"Oh, I feel like I'm falling for Fall..."

It never fails. If there is a child under 10 years old in the wedding party, I will catch them digging for gold. I have to say, though, that this is my first angry pick.

In keeping with the Southern touches, instead of one traditional Groom's cake, there was a table covered in different kinds of pie!

I already liked this in black and white, but then I also liked the boots themselves, so you get both.

What's more Southern than cornbread??

One of my favorite moments captured from a Father/Daughter dance ever.

The outdoor dance floor was so much fun! It felt very much like a scene out of Sweet Home Alabama... complete with a few songs from the soundtrack!

Full moon!

This night was also historic: it was the night that our Texas Rangers defeated the New York Yankees (A-Rod) to win the ALCS and make their first-ever advance to the World Series. I got to deliver the news to a few people, and capture their reactions:

You put your right elbow in...

Yes, you know them.
It's Amanda & Jeremiah, whose wedding is in April... and I get to see all of my new friends again!

Yeah, let's look at it again one more time.

Mandy & Blaine, thank you SO very much! The two of you are so kind, fun, laid-back... and you surround yourselves with people just like that! You two are so obviously in love, and I know every single person there was thrilled to bits to get to see you two start your happily ever after. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!