Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morgan's Magnificent Senior Session!

So this is Morgan. She's the total package.
As you'll see, Morgan is gorgeous. She's beautiful. She's hilarious, smart, talented, thoughtful, sweet, honest... Morgan is the total package! I was absolutely honored when Morgan contacted me about taking her senior portraits, since she herself is a very talented photographer. No pressure on me, right?! Morgan is an absolute blast to be around, so it ended up being no problem to traipse all over Dallas county in 100+ degree heat... her love for photography actually HELPED the session, since she had great ideas of her own, and I was able to try out new things, mix in some of my more stylized photos with the ones that will end up over her Mom's fireplace. Can I just tell you how much fun I had?! I even ended up buying a new pair of shoes... THAT'S how you know it was a good day! Morgan's gorgeous-ness kept threatening to make my camera implode with awesomeness, but we made it. What resulted from the day are pretty much some of my most favorite photographs I've ever taken. Ever.
So without getting into more details of the day - you don't want to know what the car conversations were about, trust! - I'll let you get to the visual feast that is Morgan's senior portraits! Well, the sneak peek anyways.

Keeping with tradition and starting with a favorite: I KNOW. Now that you know what you're getting yourself into, enjoy!!!

Guess jeans ad, anyone?

SO fierce!!!

Morgan has SUCH a great laugh! I had to show you all this one!

Are you KIDDING me with this!?!
There needs to be a new word for FAVORITE to describe this one!

Doesn't this one have MC Escher written all over it?

Yep, say it with me: WALLET.

You gotta love a good throw-your-head-back laugh! Yeah, I'm that funny...

Reflections are my newest plaything...

OH-EM-GEE. I'm just going to cry if Morgan doesn't use at least 20 of these in her invitations. Seriously, just send out a book of yourself.

CD cover. Do it.

It's a little inside, I know...

High School Musical: Senior Year
A Tribute

Oh, scrumptrulescent won't do....


I mean, really, come ON. This doesn't even look REAL, she looks so good!

And this one was just BORN to be a profile picture.


Playing around...

LOVE it.

Okay, let me explain the rest of these.
At Coppell High School, the tradition is that senior girls get to decorate overalls to wear on game days and such. It's like a right of passage, something every CHS chica has been looking forward to since, I don't know, 6th grade. These are Morgan's overalls, making her an official senior, her public declaration that she's a member of the class of 2010. Morgan's KIND OF a fan of zebra, so how fantastic is this amazing zebra wall?! Don't ask me where it is... you'd blush if you knew...
Morgan, I knew you were excited to see these, so I thought I'd let you get a sneak peek at more than a few of them!

See those sequined shoes? She MADE them. This girl is after my own heart.


Morgan, you're a senior! You're graduating in like, 9 months! You are so much fun, and I'm so super excited for this year, for your future. Congratulations, and thank you for indulging me and letting me take about 1000 photos of you. Seriously. I hope you love these as much as I do, because I LURVE them! I had such a blast with you (and Leah!), and I can't say thank you enough for choosing lil' ol' me to be a part of your biggest year yet. You are such an incredible young woman.... and I can't wait to get you the rest of your photos!!!!!
For everyone else, I'm just letting you know that my family is moving this next week, so I'll be out for a bit. In the meantime, start pumping yourself up to ogle these sessions that will be up once I'm all settled in:
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Leah is a SENIOR! ARGH!
AND, since you know you want to, come be my fan on Facebook! I JUST (as in, last night) created the fan page for Joie de Vivre, and haven't yet uploaded photos to it, but you know they're coming, so just go ahead and add me, k? If you're already a fan of the old Living Portraits page, that's fine, too, I'll just send you a message about the new page!
Have a great weekend everybody!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stephanie's Spectacular Senior Session!

Okay, I like alliteration!
Now I know what you're thinking: "Where on earth have I seen this beauty before?" Nope, it wasn't on The Hills. It was right here! Stephanie is the travel-sized sister of Brittany, the also-beautiful bride you feasted your eyes on last month. So as you've already deduced, Stephanie is a member of the class of 2010 at Burleson. What is it that you start saying once we reach 2010? Do you say OH TEN? Do you just say class of ten? Either way, Stephanie is just beautiful in every sense of the word. She has gorgeous features, stunning eyes, red hair that makes me green with envy, the most adorable collection of freckles, a stop-traffic Cheshire cat smile, a bubbly laugh, and the most infectious and peppy personality ever! Put together, Stephanie is just cute enough to put in your pocket and take home. I was so happy when she asked if I could come BACK to her house to take her senior portraits, because already I'm in love with her family. (And for those of you wondering, Brittany and Brandon are doing great in California!) I will admit that I thought it was going to be a bit difficult going from the not-quite-for-Granny wedding and engagement photos I've been taking lately, to gotta-make-sure-it-can-be-a-wallet-for-Great-Aunt-Eunice senior photos. But Stephanie and her mom are so easy-going and adorable that I had no trouble at all, and didn't even notice the bajillion-degree heat! Enjoy her sneak peek... I love my favorite so VERY much that I'm going to start off with it... and I will just cry if it's not in Stephanie's graduation invitations come June!

Beautiful!!! Can you say "wallet"?

Have you guessed yet what sport Steph plays for BHS?

The shadows in this are crazy fun!

LOVE it!

Their house is so incredibly gorgeous... but Stephanie maintains such a high level of GO-JUSS-ness that there was NO worry of the house upstaging her!

Another fave.


How much FUN are these next few photos?! Stephanie was so game to indulge me, and I just love the way these turned out!

No need to adjust your monitors. That is definitely a Porsche. And it is definitely hers!

I love that Steph's car is basically her on wheels: little, red, and full of energy! Plus, they're both easy on the eyes...

LOOOOVE me some laughing pictures! There's a few of them...

I TOLD you about those eyes!

Congratulations, Stephanie! This year is going to be so much stinkin' fun, and I'm so excited for you! You are so fun, so down-to-earth, so beautiful... the world is at your feet! Thank you so much for letting me come back and document yet another milestone in your family. You are always so much fun to work with, and so VERY easy to photograph! Hugs!!!