Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Ethan Baking!

You know how you have some friends, very few in life, who you can go for months without seeing, but always pick up like you just saw each other? Friends who love and support you and get you through hard times and celebrate the good ones? Friends you can be real and honest with and share some AWESOME memories with? I have some of those. Two of them are named Jason and Christina. They're AMAZING people. They are so kind and generous and funny and caring... they're just WOW. They've helped us through some of the hardest times in our own lives, and given us reason to rejoice at the good ones... like like Baby Ethan! He has since been born, but his Mommy looked so great while pregnant that I'm going to share these anyway. I got to meet Ethan the day after his birthday, and he is both PRECIOUS and so BLESSED to have these two as his Mommy and Daddy. Since I was the first one to know about him in his Mommy's belly, I've been waiting a LONG time to get to meet him, and he did not disappoint!

LOVE it.

These are my friends. They're parents now.

This was Christina actually reacting to Ethan having a party in her tummy!

"Coming Soon" - get it?


LOVE it.


He was due on Valentine's Day!

Jason and Christina, you two are ROCKSTARS. You have been amazing to us and everyone around you, and I know Ethan is going to be no different. I honestly cannot say enough about your generosity and friendship. Like I said, you guys are just... WOW. Thank you. And thank you for letting me be a part of preparing for Ethan... and for letting me hold him and sniff him. He's perfect. Tell him I'm coming to see him soon, and that Christina-and-Jennifer's-Day-of-FUN is imminent, and he's welcome to tag along. I cannot say thank you or congratulations ENOUGH. Like I said in the hospital, "congratulations" just isn't a big enough word! I love you guys!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Email Trouble

Hey everyone! For some reason, the contact form on the website has NOT been working, and I have no idea for how long! If you've tried to contact me through the form and haven't heard back from me, I'm sorry! Try emailing me directly at, thanks!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Andy & Audra - The Wedding!!!

Many of you know about my love for alliteration. It's pretty prevalent on the website. So I get just tickled when I meet couples who are alliterative... and I've never met a couple that stuck to it like this one! Andy & Audra became Mr. & Mrs. A last month, and what a wonderful day it was! They were both SO easy going it made me nervous! Andy was a complete and total gentleman, and Audra was absolutely calm and sweet... it was just a happy day! First a move to El Paso, and now one to Pheonix, has kept these two newlyweds busy and far from family, so I am MORE than happy to put more than the normal amount of photos on this blog to share with family all over the world. Enjoy!!!

Andy's ring had "FAITH" engraved inside!

Audra and her sister... love this moment!

REFLECTION. I'm a fan of that, too.

Awesome St. Joseph's Church in Richardson, TX.

Ricky never showed up.
A bit of an inside joke.

The weather that day was pretty yucky - about 40 degrees and drizzling. So Audra was QUITE the trooper to head outside for these photos!!!

There are so many great images from their first dance! They just giggled giddily the whole way through!

I love this shot of the paparazzi!

Another paparazzi shot!

This light saber was quite a hit.

Some fancy foot work...

Andy & Audra, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you so much for everything! You guys were more than patient (especially with my uncharacteristically slow driving) and calm and sweet. Hope the weather in Phoenix is WAY better than what we've been having. Have fun on your new adventure!!!