Friday, April 30, 2010

Mike & Melanie are Affianced!

I've been planning out this blog entry for a while now. I'd get all misty-eyed thinking about what I'd say, allow my mind to roam and consider fondly this post in particular. Funny thing is, I can't remember a blasted thing I authored in my head! (Note to self: write junk down when you're driving and reminiscing at the same time.) You see, the reason this post is so special to me is because Melanie, the drop-dead gorgeous young lass you're about to feast your eyes upon, is a dear friend. She stood on stage with me five years ago as I married my best friend, and now she's marrying hers! These two peeps are everything I love: sassy, stylish, sexy, silly... and we ALL know how much I love alliteration (M&M?! If you don't have those thin-candy-shell-coated-candies at your wedding... well, I'll find something else to eat.). Mike and Melanie compliment each other in a way that leaves no doubt that these two are meant to be together. They are just so much fun! Honestly, not one moment of this session felt like work. I got to hang out with some gorgeous and hilarious friends, so why should it? We met at the uber-stylish NYLO Hotel in Las Colinas (which, by the way, I had the privilege of staying at a few weeks ago - PERFECT locale for boudoir shots, for those ladies wanting to give their hubbies something special or send to a deployed hubs). Since this is Texas, and it is currently Spring, it was raining. We shot all around inside the hotel, laughing the day away, and the clouds decided to give us a tiny little window to head outside and get some shots. Breaking and entering, jaywalking and playing in the middle of the street, dancing... a great day that was topped off by just hanging out in the car and talking. Sigh... good friends, good times. I know, I've been going on for too long (Mike?), so I'll leave you to enjoy this absurdly long sneak peek - I know you've had a rough day, Melanie! A few of the shots are a bit PG, just a heads-up... Enjoy!!!

Come on, don't look surprised that I got a shot of those shoes!

Love these. You do, too.

I heart this.

Love these, too! Not quite a two-fer...

Sometimes blurriness stands out to me as so romantic and emotional and doesn't end up in the trash. This is one of those times.

Ooh! Reflection!!!

LURVE this shot!!! So sassy! You get it twice... you're welcome.

I'm dying over the light in this shot.... You feel it, don't you?

Another two-fer! My GOODNESS, I'm feeling generous today!

Love it.


I made a funny. Something about a rectangle.... :)

Mike as Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. We didn't have millions of tiny seahorses, but he worked it.

LURVE these. Mike & Mel were so awesome to try anything!

Melanie's got this Jamie Pressley/Kristin Chenoweth thing going... she's a little hard to be around, she's so beautiful. I'd tell you she's a great person, too, but you might get a little too jealous of her.


Have you grasped yet how much fun I had?

Mike, Melanie... Melanie, Mike.... THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how much fun I had, and how much we need to do this again. I am SO very happy for you both. It is so obvious how much you two are designed by God for each other. You two made my day, so I can only imagine how happy you must make each other! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this most hugest of experiences, for being up for anything, and for being an accomplice. ;) You two are such great people, and I can say with 100% sincerity that I am blessed by knowing you. Congratulations!!! Pep Boys. (I had to throw that in! At least I didn't say anything about refuse.) Hahaha! Let's get us some zebra Snuggies and hang out SOON!