Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sarah & Bobby Are Getting Married!

It was hot. It was VERY hot. And the three of us sporting our own unusually-high levels of hotness didn't help things. But did Sarah or Bobby complain? Not a wimper! They happily trapsed about, trespassing and posing and kissing as I requested. In a roundabout way that would take entirely too long to explain (her brother and my hubby are besties, and his wife and I are sisters from another mister - I guess that wasn't so hard), Sarah and I have known each other for QUITE some time. But I've never had the JOY of hanging out with her like this! She's WAY cooler than her big bro, and Bobby proved his coolness in asking Sarah to be his bride. Definitely two awesome people that I loved getting to spend time with! We laughed and laughed and had a blast - and I can't wait to hang out with them again in air conditioning! True story - Bobby spilled some water on his shirt in the backseat of the car. He stepped out into the blazing Texas sun, and in under 3 minutes, he was dry again! I love this whole family and always have a blast no matter which one I've got with me, and I'm so honored that I get to be a part of this special process. Did I mention how cool Sarah and Bobby are? Sarah has been waiting OH so patiently for this posting, so I will dote no longer and let you all enjoy!


Of COURSE we had permission to enter the abandoned building...


I LOVE this image, so you get a two-fer (there's quite a few in this posting). Sarah is STUNNING!!!

One of muh faves. There are a good 20 of this general shot.

Love it.

Perfect dip!

Gracious them kids are lookers!

"Cowboy take me awayyyyy..."

Another fave.

You're about to see a series of images that all look kinda similar - I assure you, they're different, and I just love them too much to exclude them. Except for the ones that are the same.

These just make me want to be quiet. I love these.

Oh my gravy I LOVE this shot! It's my absolute perfect favorite! Amazing! Just... WOW! The first one I edited when I got home, and I'm STILL not tired of it!

That RING! Bobby earned more points.


Sarah was not to be outdone. MAN I like her!


Sarah and Bobby (and Momma Cindy), I had so much fun with you guys! Thank you so MUCH for trusting me, for letting me experiment, for not complaining when you had every right to, and for being my partners in crime! You two are SO much fun to be around. Congratulations!!!