Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kim & Ryan, Sittin' in a Tree...

Meet Kim and Ryan. They're gettin' hitched next year in an AWESOMELY unique and fun wedding that I could not be more excited to photograph. They met while working at Barnes & Noble back in the day, and being avid readers themselves, books have played a big role in their relationship - and will also play a big role in their wedding! I don't want to spill all of their design secrets, but I can tell you I'm super excited. Also being featured prominently will be their Irish heritage and love for the culture and history of Ireland and Celtic traditions. Again, this is me, being super excited! The two of them were so easy and loving with each other, as if they've been together for 40 years already. They were so down for anything, and up for laughing at my terrible jokes, so it was a great day! You'll notice that there are quite a few two-fers, but you won't complain, because you'll see just how awesome they are!!! There were more than a few photos that I loved so much, I just had to show you twice.

LOVE these!!! Pretty perfect, if you ask me.

I'm not sure if you CAN do an engagement session in a public library, I just know that we DID.

LOVE these, too!!!


Ryan proposed to Kim on the most famous of winter days in recent Texas memory: the day we had actual snow, that actually stuck, actually stayed around for a while, and we actually got to play in! We ventured to the spot where he popped the question:



L-O-V-E these.

Kim and Ryan, thank you so much for braving the humidity and unpredictable sun, along with a few murderous ducks, to let me hang out with you guys! I had a blast and - in case I haven't said it enough - cannot WAIT for your wedding! You two are so great together, and awesome to hang out with. I'm so excited about your bridals, too, Kim! Thank you both for letting me be a part of this process with you guys, and congratulations!!!

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