Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shannon et Reed se marient!!!

That's French. It means Shannon and Reed are getting married!
In my work, I have the privilege of meeting new people all the time, learning new love stories, and making new friends. It's a BLAST all the time. It's so true that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life! Well, as much as I love my job, sometimes it just clicks, and everything I love about my job is just magnified to where I almost feel guilty about how much fun I'm having. Almost. It clicked (repetitive pun intended) with Shannon & Reed! We were introduced through the amazing talents of one Amber Church, wedding planner extraordinaire. If you're in the market for some top-notch service, over-the-top creativity, and making a new friend, Amber is your gal! ANYWHO, from the first time we spoke, I knew I was going to love these peeps. Their April ceremony is at a venue that I have been DYING, almost BEGGING to shoot at for over a year. They're gorgeous. They have incredible style. Their love story is swoon-and-tear-worthy. And they're just COOL people. Through our numerous emails, which I hope never slow down, Shannon and I discovered that we are long-lost BFFs and enjoy pretty much everything the same. And Reed can MORE than keep up with the two of us! They're both hilarious and so open and honest and IN LOVE. Wait, that doesn't really do it justice. They're in LURVE. I had such a blast spending the afternoon with them, making new friends, exploring and trespassing... it produced pretty much one of my most favorite engagement sessions EVER. I had too many favorites. WAY too many. But you won't mind, right? Thought so.

LOVE these.
They're gorgeous, right?!

You can still spot those eyes of Shannon's from almost a quarter mile away!

Okay, so while I don't have room or words to do their story complete justice here, I do have to explain some of the significance of the following images. Go go gadget short version!
When Reed first met Shannon a few years ago, Shannon told him she'd like to move to Paris for a year. Reed walked away and told his friends he was going to marry her. Shannon was tickled and flattered, but it wasn't on her agenda. Reed went out and bought TWO copies of this book - one for her, and one for him, for when she moved to Paris. Precious already, I know. Flash forward a few years, and the two of them begin dating. Of course Reed already knows where this is going. When it came time to pop the big question, Reed hollowed out one of these Paris books and had the ring inside, along with a few sentimental momentos he'd saved during their time together!
I KNOW!!!!!

LOVE these, too!

I mean, come ON.

AWWWWW yeah! Talk about commitment, haha!

I love these!

I love everything about this!

Poppin' it.

A definite favorite.

Reed has an AWESOME tattoo that was a gift to himself for finishing a marathon, and you know how I love tattoos, so of COURSE I had to post a lot of it right? Right.

And the remaining are also all my favorites. Ever.
It just was so perfect!

Shannon and Reed, you guys are AWESOME! You were such a blast and SO funny and easy-going. You made my job beyond easy. I am so excited that I've gotten to know you and have the honor of documenting your most special of days! I've been chomping at the bit to get these posted for months, so I don't know how I'm going to be able to make it once we take your bridals in THAT DRESS, Shannon! Wowza! You guys are so great, and I'm so excited for you! Thank you a BILLION times!!!!