Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Debra and Allen are Gettin' Hitched!

Debra and Allen. They're just cool people. Already Debra was speaking my language when she said she wanted something "different, fun, and sexy." Then I pull into their uber-hip downtown apartment building. Holy Cow. You know it's a cool place when there's art in the PARKING GARAGE! THEN, when I walked into their amazing apartment, I immediately see a gun, pepper spray, and other variously intimidating things casually strung over the kitchen counter. Oh, did I forget to mention that they're BOTH police officers?! Yep, a couple o' cops! Needless to say, I was a little starstruck. If you know me, you know I'm sort of a police groupie. I watch various Law & Order shows like they're going off the air soon, and hungrily gaze at Court TV (okay, Tru TV) as though someday, just maybe, my expertise will be requested in an attempt to solve a crime. Cold Case Files? Check. Cops? Since I was 5. My love for law enforcement even dates back to Real Stories of the Highway Patrol... you KNOW that's takin' it back to the old school! So anyways, Debra and Allen were so polite and nice and indulged me in all of my little groupie questions, none of which I'm sure were new to them. Yep, I was THAT person. But they were such INCREDIBLE sports, not just in answering all of my questions, but in being willing to try ANYTHING! We started out the session at their place, around the awesome building with it's infinity-edge pool deck overlooking downtown Dallas that made me feel like I was in a rap video... Then it started raining. No prob. We headed over to Hunt Oil. Yes, THE Hunt Oil. Security there is pretty tight, and photography isn't allowed, but when you're being escorted around by two po-pos, you can do pretty much whatever you want (plus, it's where they met, so there was some history with the staff!). Then, as we were coming through a door, we ran into Ray Hunt. Yes, THE Ray Hunt. Just working a little late, greeted us, acted like he wasn't worth billions of dollars... You know, a typical day for me. Psh!
Well, I've gone on and on about the adventures of the day, but I haven't said enough about what great, kind, hilarious people Debra and Allen are. Believe me when I tell you, these kids are in LOOOVE. They were so neat to watch interact. Between the two of them, I don't think there's a single life experience they haven't tried. They're exciting, loving, sweet, funny, thoughtful, oh-so-stylish... And did I mention troopers (no pun intended) about being up for anything? They jumped in the rain with nary a complaint. And there are a few photos that were just a bit too spicy for the blog!!! Now that you've read an article on me starting the Debra and Allen Fan Club, I'll exercise my right to remain silent (I slay me) and let you check out their sneak peek!!!

As usual, here's a favorite. Just one. I had so many favorites, I had to cut my blog list in HALF.
Check out that reflection!

Yowza! Whatcha gonna do when dey come for you?

Did I mention that we dodged death and DART trolleys?

Love it.

I just like graffiti. The irony never occurred to me until later.

Looks like a wallet to me!

Another fantastic reflection!

Fave. Duh.

Oh, I just love ALL of these!!!

Love 'em.

Hehe... Love it.
And the lady who came around the corner and said, "Oh, sorry..."

They're getting married on a Friday the 13th... I TOLD you they're cool!

I was feeling a bit avante garde that day.

Somebody call 911...

You died a little when you saw this, didn't you?
It's okay, I did, too.

Love it.

Super mega laser FAVORITE!!!
A little urban jungle, anyone?

An officer and a gentleman.

Debra and Allen, I had so much fun with you guys!!! Thank you so much! Not just for enduring my questions, requests, and cheesy police puns, but for the AWESOME session! I am so excited for your wedding! It is so easy to see how much you love each other. You are such great people... and I'm MORE than a little excited about your bridal session, Debra! Thank you, THANK you for letting me be a part of this huge and special time in your lives, and congratulations a million more times!!!

For everyone else reading this, let me just throw some tidbits out there: I am BUSY. This is not a complaint, but a praise! I love this work! God has absolutely blessed this little business. I'm just giving everyone a heads-up that if you want to get some photos for your Christmas cards, I'm booking up QUICKLY, and available weekends are QUITE rare already. I am available for some weekdays. So if you're planning on having a session between now and, well, hopefully a decent time before Christmas, email me NOW and get your name on the books. Christmas cards, brag books, photo gifts... You know you need 'em, so go ahead and plan 'em! Also, I'm to the fever-pitch-point of busy-ness that I won't be able to put everyone up on the blog, at least not near the time of their sessions. My first priority is to get YOU your photos, so the blog will have to take a backseat here and there when I'm in a whirlwind of fulfilling orders. Don't worry, I'll still update and upload and talk WAY too much, just don't get your feelings hurt if it takes a few extra weeks before you see your own smiling face on here!!!
Thank you to everyone who has helped this become what it has!!! And don't forget to book NOW for your Holiday sessions!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Leah is a SENIOR!!!

Leah is who I wish I had hung with in high school. She's just awesome. You've seen her before, with her family, but now the time has come, and Leah is a SENIOR! Talented doesn't even begin to describe her: She sings, she plays multiple instruments, she writes, she takes incredible photographs... and she's hilarious. With a killer sense of personal style to boot. Individual and unique to the nth degree, and not in the "that's what we say to make the weirdo feel better" way. Leah is absolutely her own person, and I love that person to pieces!!! She's petite and travel-sized with the most glorious red mane and the cutest constellation of freckles you ever did see. Simply put, I just want to keep Leah in my pocket all the time. I somehow keep ending up with these gorgeous red-headed seniors, and I never get tired of it! I have to say, if Leah asks you to take her photos, you say yes then check your calendar later!!! I JUMPED at the chance! Not just because it meant we'd get to trapse through the ghetto and have a great time together, but also because Leah is an artist and would let me play around with some different (emo) stuff... as well as come up with ideas of her own! I know I say this a lot, but I honestly could go on and on about Leah and her Grayt family... hehe.... a little pun for those of you who have been blogstalking for a while.
So Leah is a senior. Where does the time go? Soon she'll be moving off to Nashville and becoming a hugely famous and influential worship pastor, then she'll meet a gorgeous Australian musician on tour and get married and have beautiful (TINY) red-headed babies... Maybe I got a little ahead of myself, but that's the plan. Leah has her head on her shoulders, her feet on the ground, and her heart in God's hands... the best possible situation for a young woman as full of potential and promise as Leah. Before I get myself all misty-eyed, I'll stop typing and let you check out Leah's Senior Sneak Peak!!!

(I couldn't start off with a favorite, because, well, YOU try picking just ONE!)


Awww yeah... Nikon peeps... TOLD you she was awesome.

Oh Leah, how I love you.

More of Leah being Leah.
You know it was a great shoot when we got all these great images in such a short time in front of the same wall!

And here's your emo cowgirl shot, Reah.

Yeah, this one looks like the black and white one. So? You know you still like it...
Oh, and it's a favorite.

So you remember the Coppell High School senior gals overalls tradition from Morgan's session? Leah is so cool, so stylish, so unique, that she made hers ALL her own! They're so... Leah!


There were a lot of jumping photos.... I think maybe it made her feel taller.

The one above and the one below... favorites!


GO-JUSS! Favorite!!!

Okay, now begins the less-of-a-wallet-and-more-of-a-Leah portion of our day.

Fierce favorite.

I love a good throw-your-head-back cackle!

Oooh! Favorite!

This one was all Leah.

Some explanation:
When I sent m husband to fetch my cowboy hat, he returned with this random pilgrim hat. I don't know why we have it, or why we actually have 4 of them... either way, he insisted that we take a photo with them, thinking it would be just OH so hilarious. Well, with the Dream Team that is Jen and Leah, never has a pilgrim hat looked so high fashion... I actually LOVE these!




How ethereal does she look?!

Wow. Favorite.

Leah!!! I can't believe you're a senior!!! I had so much stinkin' fun with you, and you were SUCH a good sport. (For everyone else - Leah actually climbed to the top of one of the train cars, then came back all dirty and said "Awesome.") You are getting so many stinkin' pictures out of this day-long extravaganza! They were all so incredible that I could only bring myself to toss the ones where you were blinking... and even those I was sad to see go. I love you so much and am so excited for what this year (and beyond!) holds for you. I meant every word I said at the top of this post. Thank you so much for trusting lil' ol' me to be a part of your senior year in such a monumental way.... and for making me laugh so dang hard! I'm glad you finally found your way to my house!!!!!