Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mandy's Magnificent Bridals!!!

You've met Mandy. The beautiful redhead with the Julianne Moore smile? Yeah, I like taking her picture. She and Blaine were beautifully and blissfully wed last weekend in one of the most GORGEOUS ceremonies I've ever seen - my jaw literally dropped. Well, you'll feel the same about her bridals that I can finally share! As I was working on them at home, my oldest son actually walked in, saw her, and said, "She's beautiful, isn't she?" Swoon! I had a blast with Mandy and her entourage, all super fun, loving, and helpful people that I got to spend the wedding day with, as well. I'm so sad I won't be able to hang out with them all the time anymore! Well, I'll be seeing a few of them. :) Anyways, my not-falling-down streak was bound to come to an end, and it did. In a big way. Mandy is one of the sweetest people EVER! And one of the purtiest.

I set myself up to fall pretty early on. It was that weekend where Texas was bombarded with Seattle-like weather, so everything was slick and muddy, and I started climbing things. I guess I was getting too cocky about NOT falling, and it was bound to happen.
Anyways, I climbed up on a wall to get this shot:

Then it happened. And OH how it happened. I like to go big when I do something, and this was no exception! In an effort to maintain some ladylike dignity for both myself and Mandy, I won't give explicit details. All you need to know is that when I was on my way down, down, falling right down, I, er, grabbed. It was an instinctive reaction, and I've never felt closer to Mandy.

OH it's beautiful!

I'm just dying all over the place for this one.


You're about to enter a territory where the setting and Mandy were just SO perfect that I have a ton of favorites that may look the same, but they all have something different that I couldn't bear not to share!

I mean COME ON! How stinkin' cute is she??!

Again, take the time to appreciate them all! These are some of my FAVORITES. Like, so much of a favorite that Mandy got a few emails thissoon after I got back from her session entitled "Good Gravy."

W-O-W. Someone please restart my heart.

OH muh gosh! Oh muh GOSH!!!

AHHH!!! Have you fallen out of your chair yet?!

Mandy worked HARD on these next several ones! Quite a workout, right?!

I'm in LURVE with this.

These were so fun to shoot, haha!

Yep, that just happened.

How is it FAIR to get so many amazing shots??!

Mandy, you are AMAZING! I have had the best time getting to know you and spend time with you... and make memories with you, haha! You've been amazing to work with, and I'm so sad our official time has come to an end. I cannot say THANK YOU enough! Congratulations to you and Blaine, and I can't wait to get your wedding up!!!
Oh, and uh, sorry about when I fell. ;)