Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jonathan & Kristina - My Friends!

These are my friends. They are awesome and super fun and smart and real and hilarious and thoughtful. And they needed pictures. So we took them.
There are a few Christmas-themed ones, so I had to get this blog in before they were no longer relevant. Enjoy my friends' faces!!!!

OH how I love this!

They're just PRECIOUS!

Merry Christmas!!!!

So normally when I shoot a couple, it's for engagement photos. But this lovely little set of lovebirds has been married for a year and a half! It was so cool to see how comfortable and easy they were with each other... and to get to hang out with my friends.

Jonathan's mom, Mrs. Sandra, was visiting from Kentucky for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Auntie came, too!

My friend is beautiful.

I know what you're thinking:
Yes, this is the most preciously perfect Christmas card photo, ever.
No, Chris O'Donnell and Jackie Kennedy did not get married.

Jonathan and Kristina hail from Kentucky and South Carolina, respectfully, and have joined the staff at our church this year as the new Spiritual Development pastors... and we couldn't be luckier to have them here!

Jon's mom just kept saying how much she loves Kristina!

AWW yeah.

Jonathan and Kristina, you guys mean so much to us! We love you and are so happy you're here... and our friends! Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!!!!