Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kim's AH-mazing Bridals

You met Kim last year, with her fiance (now hubby) Ryan. They're super cool people who are so funny and easy to  hang out with. Their super awesome wedding was last month, and now that I've got all the room in the world on this blog, I can finally share her bridals with you!!! I've been wanting to shoot at the McKinney Cotton Mill for YEARS. Seriously. It always photographs well and has unending amounts of photo op spots to choose from. So imagine my insane delight when Kim decided she, too, wanted to head out there!!! I was more than happy to make that drive - although my GPS did give up on me at one point. ANYWAYS, I was absolutely floored by it once I got there. It was everything I'd hoped for and SO much more! Add to that Kim looking super gorgeous in her wedding gown, her awesome friends, and her personal touches, and it was a FABULOUS Friday at the Cotton Mill!!!

Yep, I love it, too.


As you probably remember from her engagement session (and you'll soon see from her wedding), books are a big part of Kim's life! This one was Pride and Prejudice, which of course spawned a quoting marathon and British-accented afternoon.


Kim, I cannot thank you ENOUGH for this! You look STUNNING!!! I had a blast with you at photographic mecca!! You are such an awesome person and have been just so COOL. Like I said, I'm a little obsessed with these... so don't be surprised to see your face on the website SOON! Congratulations!

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Amanda Davis (Peterson) said...

These are beautiful, I absolutely love the last 5 pictures!