Monday, July 18, 2011

Kim & Ryan - The Wedding!

You remember Kim & Ryan. They're super cool, laid-back, hilarious people. Their wedding was equally awesome. It was full of people who love them and details that matter - the best kind! If you remember their love story, they met while both working at Barnes and Noble, so books played a big part, as well as their shared love of all things Irish. Lisa of Allure Event Designs and her team did an incredible job of keeping the day on schedule and flowing seamlessly! It was like a candy store for me - the historic Old Red brick courthouse in downtown Dallas has oodles of character and awesome light, and everywhere you looked there was some detail or another that was just so them. Everything you saw had a purpose and a story, rather than just something thrown out to fill a space. And did I mention that these two are in LURVE?! They chose to do a First Look (insert applause here), and STILL cried during their vows. I may have shed a tear or ten myself, the day was so charged with emotion. Here are some faves from their big day!!!

This tourist was walking around Dealey Plaza and saw me photographing Old Red, so he assumed it must be something he had to get, too!

I kind of love this.

Kim and Ryan both changed into their custom Cons after the ceremony - how awesome is this?!

Hands down, coolest save the dates, invitations, and programs EVER. Do you see that the RSVP is a check-out card from a library book?!

Waiting to meet his bride....

So I started tearing up here...

... and boo-hooed when Kim told me the story of her bouquet. The locket has been passed down for GENERATIONS in her family, and is called the Elizabeth Locket. It's super special.
The denim is a pocket from the overalls of her grandfather, who passed away last year. 
Yeah, I'll pause while you grab a tissue.

OH. EM. GEE. You just can't get light like this anywhere.

Thank you, wind!

(Insert whatever the heck that doon-doon sound is from Law & Order.)

In order to spare some with weaker stomachs, I didn't post the gory shot, but I have to give a shout-out to Lauren, the most hardcore bridesmaid ever, who so painstakingly buttoned and un-buttoned Kim's dress that she quite literally worked her fingers raw. Like, seriously. She bled. Dedication.

Check out the brand on the guitar!




Funny story - I know you're oohing and ahhing at the light, but the officiant actually did a wedding I shot last summer! Small world!


Irish hand-fasting ceremony. SUPER cool.








Who's winning the match?

Kim & Ryan, thank you so much for letting me party with you guys and be a part of this most awesome of days for you! I still get people asking me about your details... and everyone raves about them! One of the most satisfying things about walking away from Old Red that night was knowing that as much thought and detail went into planning your wedding, there is so much more being put into your relationship. You guys are awesome together, and you light up my Facebook newsfeed just about every day! Congratulations!!!!!


Amanda Davis said...

YAY so excited to see this! Just a few the 'tourist', the heart in the book, dress in window and of course 'the wind'!! Great job capturing everything!

Mike and Suzi :) said...
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Mike and Suzi :) said...

Looks like a really neat wedding! I still love how creative you are!

Amber said...

I loved the Irish feel to the wedding, the 'awesome' lighting, the fact that they wed in Old Red because that is one of my favorite buildings in Downtown, and of course the Locket and granddad's old jeans-that had to be the best part.

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